the spacious  shop at exhibition in Nozeroy.                        
magasin       If you desire a gift "made in Jura",
 the respons is found
       at the shop or at the workshops.

      It is open every day   :
      10h30-12h30 and 15-18h in juli-august.

free admission
Nozeroy is a little medieval city between Champagnole and Pontarlier.
More than 20 artisans offer you many wares of their work.
They invite you to their workshop.
Work of wood , horn, pottery, paint on glas or wood, cloth, leader, stained glas window ...

      magasin devant

TÚl. : 03 84 51 15 30

The shop is located place des Annonciades
at the "Maison des Arts"

third sunday in July,  medieval fantastic spectaculum in Nozeroy.